Aspen Brook Raft Shack

Badger Chute, Beothuk Falls & Aspen Brook Canoe

Riverfront Chalets
TransCanada Highway (Rte 1) at
Aspen Brook Resource Rd

From the West: We are 10km East of Badger on the TCH. Turn right in the Riverfront Chalets driveway just before Aspen Brook.

From the East: We are 20km West of Grand Falls-Windsor on the TCH. Turn left in the Riverfront Chalets driveway at Aspen Brook.

There is a large blue sign marking the driveway on the highway.

GPS: 48.950128, -55.912586

Salmonid Centre

Exploits Canyon Adventures

Upper Lot - Near our big red bus office
100 Taylor Drive
Grand Falls-Windsor

From the West: Take Exit 20 and turn RIGHT.

From the East: Take Exit 20 and turn LEFT.

After ~6km you'll see a giant salmon statue on the left at Taylor Dr, TURN LEFT

Remain on the PAVED road until it ends at the entrance of the Salmonid Centre

Park near our big red bus office

GPS: 48.929656, -55.671396

Gorge Park

Bishop's Falls & Gorge Park Canoe/Kayak Rentals

Scott Avenue
Grand Falls-Windsor

From the West: Take Exit 20 and turn RIGHT. Gorge Park is 2km away on the left.

From the East: Take Exit 20 and turn LEFT. Gorge Park is 2.6km away on the left.

Google Maps will direct you to Sanger RV Park - this is NOT correct! Gorge Park is directly beside Sanger Park.

GPS: 48.925477, -55.636735

  Do I need to stay in the Chalets in order to go rafting?

Absolutely not! We recommend that you stay in the beautiful 4 1/2 star chalets operated by Riverfront Chalets, but you are welcome to come rafting with us and/or rent our equipment even if you are not a chalet guest!

  I can't swim! Can I still come rafting?

You most definitely can! We provide you with top of the line safety equipment and our guides are extremely well trained to keep you safe. There is no better way to overcome a fear of water than to take part in our whitewater rafting adventure! If you can't convince yourself into our whitewater trip, we also have a gentle nature float that may serve as a "first step".

  Is there an age limit?

The Badger Chute is suitable for kids 5 and up, and the Exploits Canyon for ages 14 and up. There is no maximum age! In fact, if you're 65yrs old or older, we'll give you a $10 senior's discount for any of our water trips!

  What is the best trip for our group?

All depends... if you are comfortable with water and seeking a real thrill, we recommend our Exploits Canyon Rafting Adventure. If you are less comfortable with water, or if you are looking for something your kids will enjoy as well, our Badger Chute Whitewater Rafting Adventure would be best. We have been running the Badger Chute trip since 1997 and it is BY FAR our most popular trip. This family friendly trip can accommodate kids as young as 5, but still packs a day full of thrills, laughs, and amazing swimming opportunities.

That said, in spring or fall when the river becomes too cold to enjoy getting soaking wet, our Scenic Nature Float is a nice day on the river as well. We'll do our best to keep you dry as you take in the peaceful beauty of the Exploits River (a Canadian Heritage River).

  Do you offer student discounts?

Yes we do! Students receive a special rate of $10 off the adult rate on any of our river trips. For students older than 18yrs old, proof of enrollment will be required. If booking online, please make a note in the "Special Requests" if you have older students in your group so we can get you the appropriate discount.

  Do you offer military discounts?

Yes we do! Active members of the Canadian Armed Forces receive a 10% discount on any of our water trips. Thank you for serving our country! Valid Canadian Military ID will be required. If booking online, just use offer code "MILITARY" so we can get you the appropriate discount.

  Do you offer Scouts Canada members a discount?

Yes we do! Scouts Canada is the foremost program for educating youth in the sustainable use of our natural world, and we are very proud supporters! Rafting Newfoundland hosted the 2014 National Venturer Scout Jamboree and welcomed over 500 Scouts from all over the country for five incredible days of rafting! We have exciting programs especially for Scouting Groups including training in the new Outdoor Adventure Skills program! We can also help you plan a rafting and/or canoe camp for your group! All of our rafting guides have signed the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct, and both company owners are registered and active Scouts Canada volunteers. Check out our dedicated Scouts Canada Page for more details!

All active Scouts Canada members will receive a minimum 10% discount. Members will either need to present their membership card (Scouters can print membership cards for you at OR come rafting wearing their Scouting necker. If booking online, please user offer code "SCOUTSCANADA" so we can get you the appropriate discount.

  Do I need a group in order to come rafting?

Not at all! Unless the trip you are looking at specifically has a minimum booking, you can book on your own or with a group of any size! We like to tell guests we can accommodate groups from 1-100!

  When is the best time of year to raft?

When the river is NOT frozen over! Seriously though, there is excellent rafting to be had from the beginning of May right through to late October. For our whitewater rafting trip, the ideal time to come based on water temperature would be from late June to mid-September. For our scenic nature float, you won't be spending time in the water, so the trip is quite lovely in the spring or fall.

As far as water levels are concerned, the Exploits River is dammed at Red Indian Lake. The dam maintains a fairly consistent water level throughout the summer season. Parts of our whitewater rafting trip are better in high water while other parts are better in low water, so the water level shouldn't factor in to planning your trip.

  Is the water cold?

Water temperature varies greatly on the Exploits River. In early May the average temperature is around 2°C (36°F) but by late July it averages around 22°C (72°F). The water stays relatively warm through to mid-September. Through the summer months, the temperature usually peaks from 2pm-6pm here in Central Newfoundland, so both our day trip and evening trip include the warmest part of the day. We do have wetsuits available for rent on the cooler weather days, and we also provide you with a water/windproof splash jacket.

  Do I need to book in advance?

While we can accommodate last minute bookings we do have limited availability on all our trips, so we recommend you book as early as possible. Typically our Badger Chute Rafting Adventure sells out completely on most days from late July to late August.

  What about the weather? Do you go in the rain?

Our trips leave regardless of weather. We go rain, shine, or snow. We suggest that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best - plus, "you're going to get wet anyway!!"

  What should I bring? What do you provide?

We provide you with a high-quality PFD, helmet and water/windproof splash jacket. As far as what to wear, regardless of the weather we recommend that you try to avoid wearing cotton as cotton keeps the wetness against your body. Any type of synthetic fiber is best (bathing suits are usually ideal). Footwear is required at all times, and please try to avoid wearing strapless shoes or sandals.

Please bring a towel and change of clothes and leave them in your car for when you return. We have change rooms available. For our Badger Chute trip, please bring a long sleeved shirt or sweater with you on the trip and we will keep it in our dry storage bag in case you get cool on the river.

If you have a health condition that could be serious without the appropriate medication (such as a serious allergy, diabetes, asthma, etc). You MUST bring along your required medication. Your guide will keep your medication in a dry box that is easily accessible at all times.

It is NOT advisable to bring your cell phone, camera or any electronics or valuables with you on the trip. Even if they are waterproof, they likely will not float! We will provide you with a waterproof digital camera (that floats) for you to use throughout the day on our water trips.

For our 11:00am Badger Chute trip, a light snack will be provided on the river as well as a full BBQ meal after the trip. Please feel free to bring a refillable water bottle with you on the trip. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs.

  Can I bring a camera with me?

On our nature float, sure! Go right ahead! For our whitewater trips, we don't forbid it, but it is really, really a bad idea to bring your own camera. Each season an average of a dozen cameras are lost on the river, sinking to the bottom. Even if your camera or cell phone is waterproof it probably does not float! Not only is it a terrible financial loss to lose your camera, but it's also devastating on the environment as the components of electronics are quite toxic. We will provide each raft with a waterproof camera that floats, and we encourage you to use our camera instead of your own.

  Can I wear my sunglasses / glasses during the tour?

Of course! We'll even provide you with a free strap to keep your glasses as safe as possible!

  What happens to my personal belongings when I am on the raft?

We encourage you to lock your belongings in your vehicle and then leave your keys with our staff at the Raft Shack. They will be kept in our locked in our office while you are on the water.

  Is there a place to change?

Absolutely! We have private changing stalls beside the Raft Shack. Please do not change in the washrooms out of respect for other guests.

  Are there washrooms on the trip?

Sort of... we have flush toilets available at the Raft Shack, and on our Badger Chute Trip we have a private outdoor dry-compost toilet at the half-way point .

  How many people per raft? Will our group be together in the same raft?

We can comfortably accommodate 8-10 people per raft depending on the trip and the size of our guests. Groups are usually able to stay together, but the guides may have to split up larger groups for safety reasons. All the rafts stay close together though so even if your group gets split up you will still be within water-gun range...

  How many people do I need to get a group discount?

Group discounts start at eight people. For more details, check out our group discount page!

  Does each raft have a guide? Are they qualified?

Every raft comes with a guide, and our guides are extremely well trained! Although the guides make the job look easy, they have all dedicated an enormous amount of time training and certifying. We also run frequent skills workshops and emergency drills with our team to make sure they are always ready for any possible emergency. We are exceptionally proud of our safety record, and you have our commitment that we will do everything in our power to keep you safe on the river.

  Could I fall off the raft? Could the raft flip over?

Depends on the trip, for our Badger Chute Trip most people "fall" off the raft entirely on purpose as there are some amazing swimming opportunities on the Exploits River! That said, if you really don't want to fall off the raft just be honest with your guide and they will do their best to keep you on the boat. It is VERY unlikely that you will fall in if you truly do not want to.

As far as the rafts flipping, it is almost impossible for these rafts to flip by accident... however if you ask nicely your guide would be happy to flip it on purpose for you!

THAT SAID, for our high-adventure Exploits Canyon Rafting Adventure the raft WILL flip and you WILL fall off... many times... we promise!

  Where does the trip depart from?

Our Badger Chute Rafting Trip & our Self-Guided Canoe/Kayak Tours begin at our Aspen Brook Raft Shack located at Riverfront Chalets, 20km West of Grand Falls-Windsor (10km East of Badger) on the Trans Canada Highway. The trip ends back at the Raft Shack.

For our Exploits Canyon Rafting Adventure, Rattling Brook Float and Gorge Park Canoe/Kayak rentals we meet at the upper parking lot at Gorge Park in Grand Falls-Windsor. Take the Scott Ave exit #20.

  Is there a place to buy food?

We have snacks and drinks available for purchase at the Raft Shack. As of yet, Tim Hortons has not opened up a drive-thru on the rafting trip, but we haven't given up hope!

  Can I bring my own snacks or drinks on the trip?

You are welcome to bring a drink with you on the river, but please do not bring bottled water if you can avoid it as it is terrible for the environment. Instead bring a refillable water bottle as we would be happy to fill it for you. It is really not necessary to bring your own snacks.

  Does everyone have to paddle?

Depends on whether or not you're in a hurry! The river will take us to where we need to be eventually, but the trip is much more enjoyable if you paddle. If you cannot paddle for medical reasons, please let us know in advance. You can still come on the trip, we will just make adjustments to accommodate you.

  Do kids get to paddle?

Our rule for paddles is that you have to be taller than the paddle in order to use one. On average, kids over 12 will be asked to paddle.

  Will I see wildlife on the trip?

You may occasionally be able to see hawks, moose, bears, caribou, jumping salmon, or perhaps a bald eagle diving for its lunch. That's all up to the animals!

  What about tipping?

If you had a great trip and want to thank your guide, you are welcome to leave a gratuity with them. Guides can accepts gratuities in cash, credit or debit. Tips are not required but are GREATLY appreciated!

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