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Badger Chute Rafting

Our Badger Chute Rafting Adventure is by far the most popular option for groups as it is suitable for everyone 5yrs+, and all skill levels. The adventure begins with a long section of calm water that will give paddlers a chance to build up their comfort level in the raft and allow our professional guides to teach them the skills they will need to navigate the raft down the river.

On the 12km route the rapids build slowly over the first 2/3 of the trip and peak at the famous class 3 "Exploits Steps" and "Badger Chute" rapids which will certainly provide the thrill paddlers are seeking! Expect huge waves and a complete soaking on these amazing rapids! After our signature rapids paddlers will have an opportunity to participate in a whitewater swim in a recirculating current at the Badger Chute before proceeding to our crowd favourite - surfing the 50/50 and Roost rapids. More adventurous paddlers are welcome to try their skills on our whitewater body board.

The Badger Chute rafting is typically 4-5 hours from start to finish, but can be condensed to accommodate your groups' schedule. We offer several catering options on this trip to complete your experience. You can either bring your own lunch along in our coolers, or we can provide a healthy lunch for your group served on the Surf Island just downstream from the Badger Chute. We can also provide your group with a full hamburger/hot dog BBQ after your trip. You can enjoy some great food while watching pictures and videos from your adventure displayed on our Raft Shack TV.

Badger Chute Rafting for Groups

Suitable For

Paddlers ages 5yrs and above


- Up to 44 rafters per trip

Early Spring/Late Fall:
- Up to 27 rafters per trip
(for groups larger than capacity we can stagger the start to allow a second crew to start 1hr later from June to Sep.)

Trip Duration

Customizable from 3-5hrs

Group Rates

April-June, Sep-Nov - Any time
OR July & August - 4:30pm start

60+ Rafters: $49pp (57% savings)
24+ Rafters: $69pp (40% savings)
16+ Rafters: $79pp (31% savings)
8+ Rafters: $89pp (23% savings)

July & August - Morning start
60+ Rafters: $69pp (40% savings)
24+ Rafters: $89pp (23% savings)
16+ Rafters: $99pp (14% savings)
8+ Rafters: 10% discount

Packaging Ideas

Badger Chute / Exploits Canyon - After a morning on the Badger Chute adventure seeking paddlers can take on our high-adventure Exploits Canyon Run while the rest of your team visits the Salmonid Interpretation Centre.

Add Geocaching to your Day - There are over 20 active Geocaches around our Aspen Brook base camp. GPS rental available.

2-day Rafting / Canoeing

2-day Badger Chute / Beothuk Falls

Exploits Canyon Rafting

Our Exploits Canyon Rafting trip will take adventure to a whole new level for paddlers 14yrs+ and volunteers! Just imagine the excitement of rafting through an 80 foot vertical walled deep-water canyon and riding a roller coaster of waves crashing around you. This two hour excursion through the Exploits River Canyon features non-stop excitement with some of the biggest rapids on the island!

Don't worry though, even though the waves are HUGE and the excitement high, our Exploits Canyon Run features class 3 rapids and below. Experience is not required, but paddlers must be comfortable with water.

As the Exploits Canyon Run is only suitable for paddlers 14yrs+ we can arrange for the rest of your group to either visit the Salmonid Interpretation Centre which is located at the trip's starting location, or participate in flat-water canoeing and kayaking at Gorge Park.

Exploits Canyon Rafting for Groups 14yrs+

Suitable For

Adventure lovers 14yrs+


June to September
- Up to 24 rafters per trip (we require a minimum of four paddlers per raft for this trip)

Trip Duration

Approx. 2hrs

Group Rates

15+ Rafters: $104pp (20% savings)
8+ Rafters: $117 (10% savings)

Packaging Ideas

Exploits Canyon / Salmon Centre - For every rafter you book on the Exploits Canyon we will give you two admission passes for the Salmonid Interpretation Centre. Your younger or more timid paddlers can enjoy the salmon while the older paddlers are rafting the Exploits Canyon.

Exploits Canyon to Rattling Brook/Bishop's Falls - After braving the Exploits Canyon, continue down stream on a flat-water adventure to Rattling Brook Falls and/or Bishop's Falls

Badger Chute / Exploits Canyon