We understand that Cadet Corps are in a very challenging position leading in to the summer. With groups not able to operate it is extremely challenging to plan ahead. That said, when we are finally beyond the age of physical-distancing, our youth will need an exciting outdoor adventure more than ever before!

We are encouraging Cadet Corps to go ahead and book your 2020 or 2021 rafting adventure! You can get the approval process completed, and be well prepared for when life returns to normal.

If the date you originally selected turns out to not be possible due to the pandemic, don't worry! We will reschedule you without penalty! Also, for the first time ever, we will be extending our special Cadet-only rates through the entire season! You can book for the incredible June 2020 rates (as low as $59/Cadet) any date until October 2021!


Cadets Canada

Rafting NL has been a proud supporter of the Cadets Canada program for over 20 years. We have safely guided thousands of Cadets and Officers over the years and are looking forward to guiding many more!

Rafting NL (listed as ONadventure Wilderness Tours) is listed as an approved vendor by the Department of National Defense, and our rafting, canoeing and kayaking adventures can count towards the "hours on water" requirement for Sea Cadets.

Whether Sea, Air or Army, your Cadets and Officers will have an amazing experience in the outdoors learning new skills, building team work, and having fun!

We offer SUBSTANTIAL discounts for Cadet Corps as you will see below!


Badger Chute Rafting

Our Badger Chute Rafting Adventure is by far the most popular option for Cadet groups as it is suitable for Cadets & officers of all ages and skill levels. The adventure begins with a long section of calm water that will give the Cadets a chance to build up their comfort level in the raft and allow our professional guides to teach them the skills they will need to navigate the raft down the river.

On the 12km route the rapids build slowly over the first 2/3 of the trip and peak at the famous class 3 "Exploits Steps" and "Badger Chute" rapids which will certainly provide the thrill the youth are seeking! Expect huge waves and a complete soaking on these amazing rapids! After our signature rapids youth will have an opportunity to participate in a whitewater swim in a recirculating current at the Badger Chute before proceeding to our crowd favourite - surfing the 50/50 and Roost rapids. More adventurous Cadets (and officers) are welcome to try their skills on our whitewater body board.

The Badger Chute rafting is typically 4-5 hours from start to finish, but can be condensed to accommodate your groups' schedule. We offer several catering options on this trip to complete your experience. You can either bring your own lunch along in our coolers, or we can provide a healthy lunch for your group served on the Surf Island just downstream from the Badger Chute. We can also provide your group with a full hamburger/hot dog BBQ after your trip. You can enjoy some great food while watching pictures and videos from your adventure displayed on our Raft Shack TV.

Badger Chute Rafting for Cadets

Suitable For

Cadets & Officers of all ages


- Up to 44 rafters per trip

Early Spring/Late Fall:
- Up to 27 rafters per trip
(for groups larger than capacity we can stagger the start to allow a second crew to start 1hr later from June to Sep.)

Trip Duration

Customizable from 3-5hrs

Cadet Rates

2020 Special Rates! Pricing is per raft. Each raft can accommodate up to 9 people.

ANY DATE in 2020
$529 per raft ($59/person for 9ppl) + HST
* Up to 50% lower than our normal rates!

Meal Service
Light snack on the river + BBQ meal after the trip.
$10/person + HST

See below for awesome package ideas!

Exploits Canyon Rafting

Our Exploits Canyon Rafting trip will take adventure to a whole new level for your senior cadets and officers! Just imagine the excitement of rafting through an 80 foot vertical walled deep-water canyon and riding a roller coaster of waves crashing around you. This two hour excursion through the Exploits River Canyon features non-stop excitement with some of the biggest rapids on the island!

Don't worry though, even though the waves are HUGE and the excitement high, our Exploits Canyon Run features class 3 rapids and below, so you should have no difficulty having your trip approved for your cadets. Experience is not required, but Cadets must be comfortable with water.

As the Exploits Canyon Run is only suitable for Cadets 14yrs+ we can arrange for the rest of your Cadets to either visit the Salmonid Interpretation Centre which is located at the trip's starting location, or perhaps some canoeing or kayaking in Gorge Park.

Exploits Canyon Rafting for Senior Cadets

Suitable For

Senior Cadets & Officers 14yrs+


June to September
- Up to 24 rafters per trip (we require a minimum of four paddlers per raft for this trip)

Trip Duration

Approx. 2hrs

Cadet Rates

2020 Special Rates! Pricing is per raft. Each raft can accommodate up to 8 people.

ANY DATE in 2020
$529 per raft ($66/person for 8ppl) + HST
* Up to 50% lower than our normal rates!

See below for awesome package ideas!

Cadet Packages

At Rafting NL we have over twenty years of experience working with Cadet Corps, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide an experience your kids will remember forever! We are very familiar with your training and safety standards, and are always more than happy to customize your adventure to suit your corps' needs.


Rafting & Introduction to Paddling

This is our most popular Cadet package, and it makes for a really well rounded river adventure. We can make it work in either a very busy single day, or a less busy two day adventure.

In addition to the Badger Chute rafting adventure (detailed above), your Cadets will receive basic canoe and kayak instruction and get to participate in an easy paddling adventure on Badger Brook. This is a flat-water paddling adventure that is perfectly suitable for novices. We will ensure all Cadets Canada safety standards are adhered to at all times.

Badger Chute & Canoeing/Kayaking

Sample Schedule

For up to ~18 participants

  • Orientation session with canoes & basic instruction
  • 2hr canoeing/kayaking on Badger Brook with instructors
  • BBQ Lunch
  • 4hr rafting adventure on the Exploits River 

Larger Groups

(divide Cadets into 4 groups)

  • Group A
    • Orientation session with canoes & basic instruction
    • 2hr canoeing/kayaking on Badger Brook with instructors
  • Group B
    • Access to 2,400sq ft lodge. Great location for Officers to provide training to the Cadet, or optional free-time. Instead of lodge time, we can arrange geocaching or a scavenger hunt through town!
    • After 2hrs, Group A & B switch
  • Group C & D
    • Badger Chute Rafting
  • BBQ Lunch
  • After lunch, Groups A & B go rafting, Groups C & D do paddling & lodge time

Expand to Two Days

  • For larger groups we do recommend that you split your canoeing and rafting on separate days to make for a more relaxed experience. You may want to consider contacting the Beaumont-Hamel Armouries in Grand Falls-Windsor as they often offer accommodations to visiting Cadet Corps.
  • There is lots to do! If you need help filling a weekend, please let us know and we can help you plan the perfect adventure!


  • Rafting rates as above
  • Canoeing/kayaking: $700 for up to 24 Cadets + $350/additional 12 Cadets
  • Optional Lodge Access: $200


Ultimate Rafting Weekend

Another super popular package is our Ultimate Rafting Weekend! All of your Cadets will raft together on the Badger Chute for the first day. The second day, your senior Cadets (14yrs+) will be given the opportunity to experience the Exploits Canyon high-adventure rafting trip! This incredible trip features all the best parts of the Badger Chute condensed in a super exciting 2hr wild-water adventure.

While your senior Cadets are braving the Canyon, your younger Cadets will receive canoeing and kayaking instruction. After some basic training, our instructors will take them out on the Exploits River for a flat-water adventure. The rafting trip ends in the same location as the others will be canoeing, so it makes it super easy!

Ultimate Rafting Weekend


  • Rafting rates as above
  • Canoeing/kayaking: $700 for up to 24 Cadets