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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a world-wide, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the Geocache (container) hidden at that location with the help of a few basic clues. Geocaching is an excellent activity for people of all ages; everyone loves a good treasure hunt!

The way it works is you are given a set of GPS coordinates and a clue (which is usually a riddle). Your GPS will usually get you within 3 meters of the Geocache; from there you will need your wits and some keen observation skills to find the treasure! The actual Geocache will be a small waterproof containter specifically designed to blend in with the area. Inside you will find a log book and usually a collection of knick-naks and other collectables. When you find a Geocache you write your name and date in the log book (you should always bring your own pencil just in case!) and can help yourself to one of the collectables inside providing you replace it with something of your own.

It is VERY important that you properly seal up the Geocache before putting it back, and that you put it back EXACTLY where you found it so you don't ruin the adventure for the next Geo-hunter.

There are Geocaches all over the world, and there is even one aboard the International Space Station!

Rent Our Geocaching Kit

We have a full Geocaching Kit available to rent, which includes a GPS unit with a huge assortment of caches (treasures) pre-programmed. We'll teach you how to use the GPS unit, and what to do when you find your first geocache.

If you're interested, we'll also help you set up your own free geocaching account so you can log your finds and continue the treasure hunt when you return home from your vacation. 

For maximum fun we suggest that you rent one GPS unit for every three or four people. It's best for each group to be working on a different cache so everyone gets the thrill of the hunt!

Geocaching Kit & Instruction: $25/day

Where are the closest Geocaches?

The local Geocaches are organized into five areas:

Riverfront Chalets
Within two kilometers of our Raft Shack there are over TWENTY Geocaches!! You could fill a full day hunting for Geocaches with the full family all within a short walk from the Chalets! Explore along the rocky banks of the Exploits River, the lush forests surrounding our beautiful resort, and across to the old Aspen Brook Provincial Park. Think you can find all 20?

Thunderbrook Falls
Thunderbrook Falls is the most beautiful swimming spot in the Exploits Valley and is only a 5km trip from the Chalets! You can travel down the T'Railway from the Chalets to the Falls and hunt for over 12 Geocaches along the way! There are three Geocaches hidden at (or around) the falls! Are you prepared for the challenge?

Exploits River Water Caches
If you're looking to combine a great day on the river with a fun day of treasure hunting, you should consider trying the Exploits River water caches!  There are over 25 caches hidden on the remote shoreline or on the ruggedly beautiful islands along the Exploits River from Red Indian Lake to Grand Falls-Windsor.

The Geocaches are split into three areas. The downstream quest consists of around ten caches, all accessible by canoe or kayak (some requiring a short walk). This quest is perfect for novices and experts alike. You can rent canoes or kayaks from Rafting Newfoundland, paddle the 15km route, and we'll pick you up at the end. Truly the perfect Geocaching adventure for a warm day!

The Badger Chute quest stretches along the whitewater sections of the Exploits River from Badger to Riverfront Chalets. As the river features some class three rapids it is NOT recommended for novices. If you are not a whitewater kayaker you can still access these 7 hard to get caches on Rafting Newfoundland's nature float or whitewater rafting tour!

The final series of nine Geocaches are located on the remote stretch of the Exploits River from Red Indian Dam to Badger. This makes an unforgettable two day paddling adventure! Rafting Newfoundland can arrange everything for you!

Corduroy Brook Pond Nature Reserve
Corduroy  Brook Pond Nature Reserve is perfect for a family getaway any time of year.  This pristine reserve is located in Grand Falls-Windsor just 20km east of the chalets, and is home to 15 separate geocaches! 

Badger Caches
In the little community of Badger just 10km west of us you can find 6 geocaches scattered throughout town and along the Exploits River. For an added adventure you can bike from the chalets to Badger and hunt for an additional four caches along the T'Railway! 

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