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Romantic Canoeing Adventures

Our customized romantic canoeing adventures will help you provide your partner with an experience they will never forget! The options below are designed for our Exploits River Day Trip that takes you 15km down the Exploits River from our Riverfront Chalets to Goodyear Dam. In addition to the options detailed below, we are able to fulfill most requests - just ask!

Canoe or Kayak Rentals: $50/day
Shuttle from Goodyear Dam (for self-guided tours): $40

ROMANTIC PICNIC - We'll set you up with a fresh picnic lunch that you can bring with you on your paddling adventure. Freshly made sandwiches, nachos, a fruit platter and even a bottle of wine! Everything you need for the perfect romantic stop along your paddling adventure.
Cost: $50 (or $30 without wine)

SURPRISE PICNIC - Want to surprise your partner with a romantic picnic? We can have one of our guides set-up the picnic in advance on a secluded island! Complete with camp chairs and a table or a blanket if you prefer.
Additional Cost: $100

SURPRISE OVERNIGHT - The sunset over the Exploits River is truly awe-inspiring and really the ultimate back drop to a romantic evening with the person you love. Just drop off your camping gear in advance and our guides will set up your campsite on a secluded island complete with torches to mark the location. As you drift downstream you will be delighted by your partner's reaction when they realize that the campsite is all for them! Pull your canoe to shore and immediately relax with a nice evening lunch and glass of your favourite wine. If you can dream it, we can likely make it happen!
Starting at: $150

Red Indian Multi-Day Trip

The Red Indian Multi-Day Trip is considered one of the best canoeing trips in the country and has been featured in several national paddling magazines. The river runs deep and fast consistently from the dam all the way down to Badger with only one definite portage, Red Indian Falls. The easiest place to put in is just above a steel bridge which crosses the river approximately 2 km downstream from the dam.

If you have two nights to spend at your leisure, we would recommend starting at Mary March Park which is across the lake from Millertown or at Mary March Point which is between Millertown and the dam. Red Indian Lake is a beautiful lake especially in late summer when the water is low and endless kilometers of sandy beach is exposed. It is easiest to portage the dam on the right.

If you decide to start at the bridge it is easiest to launch on the south side of the river upstream of the bridge since you can drive right to the river’s edge. As soon as you push from shore the river pulls you quickly downstream at about 6 knots. This relentless pull last two days. A few boulders in the first part of the trip require you to pay strict attention. About 8 km downstream you will find Red Indian Rattle. This is a rapid that is much more difficult than it looks. Most novices agree that the best line is river right but the safest line is actually river right of center. Here the water has bigger features but is deep. It must be carefully sized up from shore. If you are in doubt of your skills, portage or line you canoe on river right. Many canoes have swamped here. If you decide to test your skills, make sure every item in the canoe is tied to the canoe. Pick your line, don’t power forward and keep straight. The rattle can be very exiting especially when the water level is up.

After Red Indian Rattle you have pretty smooth sailing until Red Indian Falls. Noel Paul’s brook is situated a little over half way to the Falls and provides a nice spot to stop and have lunch. Seeing as the flow of the river is doing most of the work for you, sometimes it's better just to drift and eat. A couple of kilometers above the falls you will see a cable car crossing. This car for calibrating the flow station on river left. The cable is also a reminder that the falls are near. The river will begin to become shallow soon. When it does, start moving to river left. Keep a lookout for Volkswagen size rock which is close to the left shore. When you reach VW rock, you should jump out and line you canoe. Don't underestimate the seriousness of the falls! Red Indian Falls is NOT runable and extreme caution must be exercised upstream. Line as far as you dare and then pull to shore. It's best to secure the canoes (tie them all down to each other and a tree) and carry your gear to the bottom of the falls. You can retrieve the canoes at your leisure in the evening or the next morning.

At the bottom of the falls you will find a great campsite (but a little rough for sleeping). The view is fantastic, especially in the early morning. A knee height flat rock makes a great table if the water is low enough to expose it. Just below it you will find a deepwater ledge which makes a great swimming hole. The next day you will enjoy a fast float to Badger with a few small rapids between along the way (about 18 km). You may end your trip here or continue another 12 km down to Riverfront Chalets at Aspen Brook, Rafting Newfoundland's base camp. PLEASE NOTE: Only skilled paddlers should attempt the final stretch to Riverfront Chalets. Intermediate and Novice paddlers should end their trip in Badger and shuttle back to the Chalets instead.

If you are a very experienced paddler and decide to continue on you must pay attention to the Badger Rapids, only because they are shallow in places, particularly in the middle. There are a few places deep enough to float on through, just look for the channels. Once past it is pretty smooth sailing until big surf. This is not a large rapid either but it is named after a nice surf wave just left of center in the main channel. You should run just to right of the island that exists on the left of the main channel. There are a few waves here that may flood your canoes so be sure of your line and keep straight. If you wish to portage or line you should do so on river right.

Immediately after big surf are the steps. This is a big rapid and without extensive experience you likely will not make it without swamping. If you do decide to run the steps you must be aware that there are a few shallow ledges and if you are swimming ahead of the boat you could be crushed. We have seen several canoes completely destroyed on the steps. The zodiac will be fine in center river. Portage or line on the left.

Immediately after the steps is the Badger Chute. This too is a large rapid but for experienced paddlers it is a fairly safe rapid to swim if you swamp. If you decide to portage, do so on river left. This rapid can not be lined. If you decide to run it, take the main channel down the center to the right of the hydraulic. Don’t all run it the same time as you don’t want several canoes swamped at once. If you swamp you will likely be able to make it to river right, but do so quickly so you don’t get pulled down past the deep section. If you end up going to the left and missing the large right side eddy, work your way left as fast as you can to avoid the upcoming shallows. You should soon be able to stand up in shallow water and pull the canoe to shore with the throw bag.

From here down, stay to river right until you see a small cabin, work your way left and you will see our wharf and Riverfront Chalets. Hope you have a good trip!

Canoe or Kayak Rentals: $50/day

Optional Shuttle Service
Drop-Off at Red Indian Lake: Starting at $110
Vehicle Shuttle to Red Indian Lake: Starting at $50/vehicle
Pick-Up in Badger: Starting at $30

Prefer to have a guide with you? Professional river guiding service is available for $250/guide/day ($150 for half day)

Plan Your Own Adventure

Prefer to plan your own adventure? Please do! Our canoes and kayaks are available to rent by day or by week (pay for five days and the rest of the week is free).

Shuttle service can be arranged and we even have contacts with a float plane if you are after a true backcountry experience!

Please contact us with your plan and we will work with you to make it happen.

Canoe or Kayak Rentals: $50/day

Prefer to have a guide with you? Professional river guiding service is available for $250/guide/day ($150 for half day)

Group Rates

We over excellent group rates for our watercraft rentals!

Members of Scouts Canada always receive a 10% discount for canoe and kayak rentals (just present your membership card, or arrive with your necker on).

For Scouts Canada groups, Cadet groups, or other youth groups, we offer a 50% discount when you rent four or more boats for a minimum of two days.

For all other groups, please contact us for rates

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